rigrr BPMN editor

Rigrr is a free BPMN editor available either online at rigrr.rapilabs.com or by downloading and running offline. It saves its process models to files using the BPMN 2.0 XML serialisation format.

Rigrr is a serverless web application that utilises HTML5 technologies to achieve a higher degree of user experience than traditional web applications. Because it does not rely on a server to operate, Rigrr is totally offline capable.

Online Access



Rigrr is in alpha release with known bugs and missing features. Rigrr currently only persists only those parts of BPMN that it uses and will ignore everything else including extensions added by other vendors, it is currently recommended that you save your models to separate files.

Internet Explorer versions 8 and older are not supported at this stage.

The features implemented so far are limited to the bare essentials to enable a user to get a basic process map going:

  • Tasks, gateways & events
  • Sequence, data & message flows
  • Data objects, annotations & groups
  • Pools
  • Lanes

along with the following user actions:

  • Drag n drop elements
  • Resizing tasks & pools
  • Editable labels
  • Cut/copy/paste
  • Zoom
  • Snapping connector endpoints
  • Multiple element selection model with keyboard and/or mouse
  • Joining multiple gateways
  • Reversing flow direction
  • Change event & gateway type
  • Sequence flow conversion to data flow upon reconnection to data object and vice versa
  • Sequence flow conversion to message flow upon dragging task across pool boundaries and vice versa


New features may be proposed or voted on by clicking on “vote for features” from within Rigrr or by visiting rapilabs.uservoice.com.

Filesystem Access

File reading is achieved through HTML5 with Firefox and Chrome. IE9 does not currently support filesystem access through HTML5.

File saving in Firefox is supported through a special extension that only Rigrr has access to. There is currently no way to save to a user-accessible part of the filesystem in Chrome, so you will be presented with a dialog box asking you to either click on a link to “download” the file or copy the presented XML to the clipboard and save to a file at your discretion.

Both file reading and saving is supported with IE9 provided that it has permission to use ActiveX. The setting “Initialize and script ActiveX controls not marked as safe” must be set to either “Prompt” or “Enable”. Additionally, when prompted you must allow Rigrr to use ActiveX. Failing permission to use ActiveX, Rigrr will use the same dialog as presented to Chrome users. Note that the HTA automatically has permission to use ActiveX.